WPC decoration board

  • Materials: Wood Plastic Composite
  • Product Series: Sundi Adamas-G / Adamas-H WPC
  • Application: Decorative wall cladding & panel, decoratice board, furniture board etc.
  • We provide a wide range of size for choice, also accept customized design by customers. 
    • 50*10mm solid board
      140*9.5mm solid board
      140*11mm solid board
      71*12mm solid board
      70*15mm solid board
      70*22mm solid board
      40*30mm solid board
      50*30mm solid board
      57*32mm solid board
      50*40mm solid board
      80*40mm solid board
      90*40mm solid board
      50*50mm solid board
      100*50mm solid board
      200*105mm solid board


Exterior WPC DecorativeBoard / WPC Cladding/ WPC Screen 
WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) is a popular way of providing an attractive finish for any outdoor construction or building. Sundi WPC products offer the quality, feel and characteristics of wood, but they are more durable, and are environmentally friendly.
Natural Timber Look
Being made from wood and plastic, one of the greatest components of composite wood is that it looks incredibly natural. It has appearance of natural wood, but less timber problems.
Decay/Rot resistance
Unlike timber which is prone to rotting, our robust WPC board is much more resilient and will not rot!
Moisture/Water resistance
The plastic in the material ensures it is waterproof, which doesn’t only make it resistant against rotting, but also ensures it is slip-free.
Easy installation
Installing Sundi WPC Decoboard is a fast and easy task and does not require any special equipment. Sawing, drilling, screwing and aligning: all these operations can be easily accomplished with standard tools.
Low maintenance
WPC can stand up against the elements without the need to seal, stain or paint it, which are burdens associated with traditional building materials. And early cleaning, Sundi can be cleaned with soapy water or simply with a high pressure hose.
Environment friendly 
WPC is a sustainable material which uses recycled plastic and waste wood; it is totally environmental protection product. With our composite decking you can rest assure you are making an eco-friendly choice of decking.
Color and type: 
We offer a wide choice of colors including those with the finish of traditional wood. We have obtained a perfect brushing effect of the composite boards. The boards perfectly imitate real wood.

Colors & Patterns

Our factory
SUNDI WPC is a professional manufacturer specializing on the research& development, production and sales service of WPC (wood plastic composite) materials. We provide superior quality for WPC Decking, WPC Railing&Fence, WPC Pergola& Pavilion, WPC Wall-cladding etc.