Why Adamas

Sundi Adamas Wpc Is The Global Leading Wpc In Performance, Which Is Mixed With The Wood Powder And High Performance Modified Plastic And Extruded By Specified Mold And Equipments. There Are 3 Series Of Sundi Adamas Wpc, General Class(Adamas-G), High Class (Adamas-H) And Super Class(Adamas-S).

Sundi Controls The Quality Of Adamas Wpc By A Whole Series Of Polymers Experiments And Testing Equipment, Including Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Vicat Testing Instruments, Gottfert, Inflaming Retarding Combustion Chamber, Colour Photometer, Accelerated Aging Property Tester And So On.


High Bending Strength
High Textile Strength
More Impact-Resistance
Low Expansion Rate
Low Water Absorption Rate

Performance Comparison of Sundi Adamas WPC and Common WPC

Item Bending
Resistance   (KJ/M2)
24h Water
Common WPC Serirs 22-25 3.5-6 60-70 5.5-10 0.8-1.2
Adamas WPC G Series 26-35 6-9 65-75 5.5-8 0.6
Adamas WPC H Series 45-55 11-15 85-100 4-6 0.6
Adamas WPC S Series 50-60 13-18 95-110 3.5-5.5 0.6

Cost Advantage

Although Adamas Wpc Is A Little Expensive Than Common Wpc Because Of High Performance, But It Will Save Lots Of Cost In Other Parts Like Following:
Save The Auxiliary: 

Save Lots Parts Of Auxiliary, Such As In Decking Installation, Save About 30% Of Keels And Accessories Cost.

Save Labor: 

Save Parts Of Man Work, Such As In Decking Installation, Save About 30% Of Man Labor.

Save Time: 

Simplify Your Installation Procedure, Short Your Time Limit For The Project.


Quality Upgrading,Guarantee The Quality Of Projects,   Prolong The Life Of Usage.

Promote The Design Space: 

Lighter And Super High Performance Leave More Space For Designer.

Joist Span Comparison Of Sundi Adamas And Common Wpc Deck

No. Type Name Common WPC(mm) Adamas WPC G series(mm) Adamas WPC H series(mm)
1 25mm Thick Hollow Decking 300 400 500
2 30mm Thick Hollow Decking 350 500 600
3 40mm Thick Hollow Decking 400 600 800
4 50mm Thick Hollow Decking 500 700 900


Strong Durability
In Given Areas The Mountain Road、Dock Using For Yacht、Platform And Walk Road On The Surface Of Lake、Stopping Pad、Wood House、Touring Car And Etc.
High Bending Strength
Replace parts of structure material, such as the aluminum and steel.
Flexible Applications
All the areas using common WPC: decking, gazebo, railing, fence, pavilion and wall board etc.